• Advance reservations are accepted for stays of 2 nights or more
  • A maximum of 4 persons permitted per any site - Registered Guests ONLY please - Visitors are prohibited for short-term guests.
  • One camping unit and one vehicle allowed per site. Please park only at your own campsite.
  • Check out time is 12 noon daily, guaranteed check in time is after 12 noon.
  • Quiet time MUST be observed between 11pm and 7am. Undue noise disturbing neighboring guests is not permitted at any time.
  • Pets are welcome in RV's only. (Family pets - max 2 per site)
    They must be leashed, cleaned after, and quieted during your stay.
  • Ground fires and fireworks are prohibited.
    Please use only grills or fireplaces off the ground for fires.
  • Golf carts, scooters, and any unlicensed motorized vehicles are prohibited. (Handicapped mobility usage is exempt).
  • Children under 10 require parental supervision at all times.
    All children must be at their site by 9pm unless accompanied by a parent.
  • Please ride bikes on roadways and trails only (not around buildings and through campsites). Please light bikes after dark.
  • Limit speed below 10mph within park.
  • Please keep site areas and camping units clean and free of litter and debris.
  • Please hang only towels or swimsuits outside, no clothes/laundry.
  • No liquid of any type may be drained onto the ground. Waste connections must be secure and tight. Please use threaded or rubber sealing rings, (not sticks, rocks, bricks, etc)
  • Please DO NOT trim our trees or remove any plant or animal.
  • CampVenice Retreat and Venice Campground, Inc is not liable for loss by fire, flood, storm, accident, theft, or any other cause beyond our reasonable control. Florida law governing guests and parks rights are posted in the office. We reserve the right to discharge from the facility, at our discretion, any person for failure to abide by park rules.
I have Read and Accept all Park Policies: